Detoxing on Baked Beans and Grenache

mince pies
Mince pie overload…

To make up for our excesses over the festive period, my other half has declared January as ‘The month of Austerity’. This means that we have been plunged into a boring few weeks of eating baked beans on toast or leftovers out of the freezer. Most boring of all though, he’s not drinking alcohol. On the upside, it turns out that he doesn’t mean for the whole month, just until Burns Night apparently, but this leaves one wine blogger a little lonesome on the wine drinking front for the next 22 days.

In all honesty, I should probably join in, especially as for the last 2 weeks of the year 95% of my liquid intake has been caffeinated or alcoholic. It’s also a miracle that I don’t have scurvy as unless Chocolate Orange counts as fruit, I’ve been averaging  significantly less than my 5-a-day.

My contribution to this economy drive is to only drink wine that we already have in the house. Lucky for me then that we’ve managed to collect some rather interesting bottles over the last few weeks.  But here lies the problem, can I really justify opening a decent bottle of wine for my own consumption? No, not a decent bottle, but an every day drinker, of course and hence  I have narrowly avoided an inadvertent Dryathlon myself.

So to accompany my burritos (made of course with items from the freezer) this evening I choose one of the bottles left over from the Christmas party we had with my in-laws. As well as serving Cava, Champagne and mulled wine, the La Vielle Ferme, AOC Ventoux (Southern Rhone) from Majestic was our red wine of choice. Not the first time that we’ve bought this wine, at £6.39 and a very classic soft southern rhone with well rounded red fruit notes, this wine has the right price and easy drinking palate for party wine.

…and of course, as I’m drinking alone there is some left for tomorrow… go with the leftover Chocolate Orange.

p.s. I promise to review more still white wine in 2013. Let me know if you have any special requests.

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