Super Thursday Valentine’s

DSC00372This time 3 years ago, I was very heavily pregnant. I now therefore tend to associate Valentine’s Day, apart from the love and adoration of my husband of course (added in there – saved, phew!!), with being overdue, uncomfortable, and waiting. I remember being taken out for lunch by my brother and stepmum and how post-lunch, having some pre-baby maternity leave free time, my brother and I were stumped as to how we could spend a rainy February afternoon. Usually, we would’ve chewed the fat over a few afternoon beers, an obvious no-go for a lady in my condition, as was everything else we could think of. I remember the look of horror on his face as he realised the potential consequences at my suggestion of bowling.

Anyway, with those days of being dry(ish) long behind me, this Valentine’s was quite frankly an excuse for me and my husband to resurrect ‘Super-Thursday’* and crack open a bottle (or 2) of wine to wash down our M&S £20 meal for two.

Heretat El Padruell Cava, M&S, part of the Valentine’s 2 eat for £20 meal-deal;
To be honest, I was NOT impressed with the red wine selection for the meal deal in Marks. I know it’s a meal deal, but compared to the Italian red (Finest Nero D’Avola £6) that Tesco used to offer as part of their Meal for 2 for £10, I felt that the M&S offerings were really scraping the barrel (I could be wrong, I have tasted neither, but they didn’t look very impressive – this review suggests I am not wrong). So, as a Cava lover, I opted for the fizz. This was a lovely smooth Cava with a finer Prosecco-style mousse (compared to the equally delicious, bog standard Tesco Cava that I’m tucking in to right now). Tasty, appley and satisfying – great as an appetiser and also was a delight alongside the crab.

DSC00337Zalze Shiraz Mourdevre Viognier 2011, Stellenbosch, South Africa, Waitrose, 14.5% on offer at £6.39 (usually £7.99);
I have had complaints about the lack of South African wine I have reviewed, so this interesting and well priced specimen is especially for my good friend Candice. A nose of cocoa and anchovies with some good oak and blackberry on the palate, I found this red wine a little OTT for the lamb we had for our main course. I would however recommend that this complex and hot little number is drunk with spicy or strong flavoured food – it went very well with the chocolate souffle. Good value at £7.99 but a steal on offer.

* Super Thursday, another reference to Thursday being the new Friday – a relic of the young, free and single life when my husband and I would meet in the pub straight from work and go on a date…you get my drift.

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