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There’s nothing more touching as a wine blogger, than when someone brings back a bottle of wine from their far flung travels, just for little old me. The best is when I get to drink it with them and we can ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ about it together, like when a good friend returned from her native Cape Town with a South African Malbec. Very tasty it was too, I hope you’ll forgive the lack of tasting notes, I can’t always be ‘on duty’ :).

Then there’s my father-in-law, who always brings me back a few bottles from the Languedoc when he and my mother-in-law return from their 6 week long spring and autumn breaks in Port Camargue. Think back to that feeling of anticipation from childhood, when your generous and most imaginative Auntie visits just after Christmas and you know, or really, really hope that she has the coolest present for you in the car? I am that kid, waiting to see what I’ve been chosen. They are away in France at this very moment and I’m hoping and praying for some Pic St Loup or something else fruity and luscious to be thrust into my expectant and clammy palms on return, if of course, I have been a good enough daughter-in-law!!!

My own dad, did not disappoint me either on return from a trip to Germany with my step-mother and brothers in DSC03095the summer to celebrate the youngest of the two’s sixteenth birthday. Whilst ‘the boys’ (in adverted commas as my other brother is 35) were off…doing, I don’t quite know what, the grown ups (my dad and step-mum) were off wine tasting to select a special gift just for me. I may not have been there in body, but certainly was there in spirit, and I’m particularly pleased with this certain wine present, as it is wine that I would rarely buy at home.

My lack of German wine drinking is not through distaste, but I have to admit, German wines generally pass me by, so this gift certainly made me think about why this is the case. I suppose, first off, I’ve never been to Germany and if I went, it wouldn’t be for the wine…probably more for the beer to be honest. That’s not to say that I only drink wine from places I’ve been, but South Africa, Chile and Argentina are certainly on my to do list when certain people are big enough to leave the ants in their pants at Heathrow and can carry their own bags! Secondly, I’m a red wine drinker at heart, and although I’ve given white a better go this year, I still tend to focus my wine drinking on those from further south. In fact, I hadn’t even noticed this until I tried a Western Australian Riesling the other day and I remembered what I was missing. Of course, Riesling! The greatest grape variety of Germany (in my eyes), how could I forget?

So, my Wednesday Wine is a dry*, young and minerally  Riesling from Boppard producer Walter Perll (a German website, and no, I don’t speak German either!!), thanks Dad, and C – sorry I didn’t share! I imagine this can age a little for some of the flavours to evolve, but it’s a treat as it is with some lovely long lemon-sherbert acidity on the finish. There’s none of the ‘typical’ Riesling nose of petrol, actually more bubblegum initially,  but it’s unmistakably a Riesling and a lovely change from my usual French Chardonnay.

I believe there’s a red from the same producer lurking in the wine fridge too for another day. And if you’re reading this Family, wherever you go around the globe, there’s always a lowly little wine blogger here waiting for a delicious treat on your return.

*Riesling is an exceptional grape in that it produces fabulous wines, to anyone’s palate ranging from drier than dry Trocken, to the sweetest Eiswein (Ice Wine), the juice of which is extracted when the grapes are frozen, so the frozen water is removed from the juice resulting in a higher concentration of fruits and sugar.

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  1. Ha
    I had a question yesterday on German wine
    Describe the difference between spätlese, eiswein &trockenbeerenauslese
    Hope I did it justice but it made me want some of each 🙂

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