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I’ll be brief this week as Monsters Inc. will be finished soon and I’ve promised the small people a trip to the park.

While those rosé lovers amongst us await the arrival of the Villa Blanche Grenache Gris from the South of France, I just wanted to share part of an article I recently wrote on the Villa Blanche Picpoul de Pinet. Those of you local to Maidenhead may already have read the hard copy of Life Etc, perhaps in a doctor’s waiting room or popped through your door. I still await my delivery! It’s my fourth article for the local free mag and I’m rather getting in the swing of this wine writing.

As I continue on my wine journey, I’m increasingly enjoying introducing customers to new grape varieties, hence this edition’s topic of writing. East Sussex’s Bluebell Estates Hindleap Seyval Blanc goes down very well, as does the C+J Vieux Carignan that I’ve already waxed-lyrical about on here and in the full article. Arriving in the next week, I’ll also be introducing a couple of Spanish wines, a white Verdejo from Rueda and more commonly known, a Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero, more information on both will be published once I take delivery well in time for my next market day on 5th April. Bring your edition of Life Etc. and I’ll give you 5% off any order too!

Any readers that are Twitter users and want to know more about trying new varieties, I would recommend searching the hashtag #NWTW. A couple of my favourite bloggers @winegeekconfess and @PBMMW have set up the ‘New Wine This Week’ initiative, encouraging readers to try new wines and share – a bit like a virtual book club but for wine.

Perfect Friday Wine is on Twitter too @perfectfriwine and I’m very close to 500 followers, so do come over and join in the conversation, or come and share what what you’re drinking tonight at To get you in the Friday mood anyway, here’s my bit on the Picpoul from the Spring 2014 Life Etc. You can read the full article on pg. 38 here (If you fancy the Bobal BTW, ignore the misprint, it’s the Cien Y Pico ‘En Vaso’ Bobal). Happy Friday!

DSC03159Picpoul de Pinet, Languedoc Rousillon, France

I discovered Picpoul de Pinet, the name of not just the grape, but the appellation that the wine comes from, when visiting the in-laws at their holiday home in Languedoc-Rousillon some years ago. We were sat in a seafood bar right on the harbour side, the same harbour that the shellfish had been landed that day and we were presented with this local wine made from native grapes grown just a few miles away to the west of Montpellier. This white, dry and crisp wine, not dissimilar in structure to a Sauvignon Blanc, immediately tingled our tastebuds and complemented the oysters perfectly. Any seafood restaurant worth their while should have Picpoul on their wine list, and indeed, I’m greeting it with squeals of delight at more and more UK restaurants these days.

Villa Blanche Picpoul de Pinet 2013, Perfect Friday Wine, , Bone-dry, smooth and citrussy with a chalky roundness, great value and a customer favourite.


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