School’s out…is it wine o’clock yet?

So that’s it, I think all of the kids have now broken up for the summer. In the past, this time of seeming panic and upheaval never had any impact on me whatsoever apart from the office got quieter and I could achieve Maidenhead to Thames Valley Park in approximately 16 minutes. The kids then appeared. Nope, no change, they were in day nursery so kept out of harm’s way for 51 weeks of the year. Even now, when holiday club is less expensive than regular day care, still not much change but I figure I might not be so complacent about the school holidays come September, when my eldest starts school.

For those of you with kids of school age, whatever you choose/ manage/ juggle/ wangle to do with the kids for an entire 6 weeks, I’m pretty sure that by about 5pm, there are a lot of parents out there, even more so than usual, working out just how many hours it is until the kids go to bed and also whether it would be rude to have a glass of wine yet. Just what time is wine o’clock acceptable?

In the week, personally, I have a bit of a rule that my other half has to have at least got home from the office. The kids don’t have to be in bed yet, but  there are indeed some days when I can’t wait that long. I have been known to greet him, on particularly arduous days, not with ‘Good Evening Darling, how was your day at work?’ but with ‘Red or White?’ with a bottle in one hand, corkscrew poised. There’s no such thing as ‘no booze on a weeknight’ rules round at PFW HQ and indeed, most evenings will be celebrated with a glass of something over dinner – as I say to those that don’t get the name of the business – everyday is a Friday where wine is concerned, just in varying quality and quantity!

Most people do get the name ‘Perfect Friday Wine’ though and they grin and nod with understanding when they see my logo. I don’t need to explain to them how PFW started as a wine blog, being written on a Friday whilst the babies were napping after lunch or how it’s all about that Friday feeling on the journey home from work when your mind quickly turns to whether that bottle of white is in the fridge, did you drink that bottle of red you’ve been saving for a special occasion or if the wine rack is empty or not.

Whatever time your wine o’clock strikes, here’re 3 of my summer sipping recommendations, which will be open this Saturday on Maidenhead High Street for tasting.. If you can’t wait that long, all  are part of the Languedoc Mixed 6 Case, so  go and check the wine rack now and give me a shout (email or call 07789642512) by 3.30pm tomorrow, Thursday and I’ll deliver before Friday evening.


Villa Blanche Picpoul de Pinet £9

Clos du Canalet Rosé
Clos du Canalet Rosé £7.50

Villa Blanche Syrah £9
 PFW Best Seller, Jerome and Laurent’s delectable Picpoul de Pinet.  NKOTB Clos du Canalet, great value, Provencal in style, summer in a glass. Back in stock, new vintage, soft and supple as ever. We missed you Syrah!

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