Life really is too short to drink bad wine.

Ever since the beginnings of Perfect Friday Wine, I’ve been harping on with the same message, that life’s too short to drink bad wine.

I have been right all along.

Drink up, drink well. Open that bottle you’ve been saving for an age. Treat those taste buds. Boycott the boring. Drink less but better. Choose quality not quantity.

Whatever you’ve been up to this week, it’s the weekend. Time to kick back and open a ‘proper’ bottle of wine.

Life's too short to drink bad wine

Here’s my perfect Friday wine on this crisp and cold November evening in front of the fire, a Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentinian wine producer, Tempus Alba. A bloody lovely wine and it’s not going to drink itself 🙂

My wine drinking has been a bit Cabernet Sauvignon light over the last few years but this autumn, Argentina reminded me just how good Cabernet can be. Often too heavy and tannic (Australia, I’m talking to you) or poor value (yes, you Bordeaux), alongside Malbec, Argentina is doing wonders with this international grape, making crisper, great value Cabernet Sauvignon full of the classic and savoury blackberry, blackcurrant and spice.

So, embrace the present this weekend. Happy Friday. Chin Chin.

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