Perfect Friday Wine-d Down

A while back, my husband and I started a little tradition where on a Friday, we’d go for a quick drink at the pub straight after work with the kids. They’d get to have a juice and some crisps, we’d get to have a swift pint or glass of wine to mark the beginning of the weekend. We can do this because our local pub, The Windsor Castle, is welcoming and child friendly and I like to think we don’t outstay our welcome. However, one night, it was too busy for us to easily blend into a corner! I’m not sure who was more upset, us or our 3 year old daughter, but let’s face it, standing at the bar with a buggy isn’t cool.

To calm the situation, we headed home, but it was OK, we had drinks and MONSTER MUNCH at home! From this event on, our pub tradition has been replaced (not every week mind) by ‘The All Saints Arms’, an imaginary pub named after the area we live in but in the comfort of our own kitchen.

Tonight’s All Saints Arms looked a little something like this….

Not the best photo but the camera is recovering from last week's festival beer swim.
Not the best photo but the camera is recovering from last week’s festival beer swim.

The rules: Everyone must behave like they are in the pub. No naughtiness.
Location: The kitchen table. We all sit and ‘talk’, as much as you can with a 2 and a 3.5 year old, just like we would in the pub but without the iPod showing Charlie and Lola.
Entertainment: We usually have BBC Radio One’s Dance Anthems on but tonight ‘The Ashes‘ cricket kept us company.
Crisps: Monster Munch (Roast Beef Flavour), Quavers
Kids Refreshments: Strawberry milkshake
Wine (now we’re talking): Chateau de Durfort Corbieres 2010, £11.99, Alfred the Grape, Marlow. I have to admit, I’ve missed red wine over the summer and I’m beginning to feel a little autumnal despite it only being the beginning of August. Big reds have started to creep back onto my wine-dar and this Syrah-Grenache Languedoc favourite, velvety and rich but with a nice acidic kick, is no disappointment.  As a Corbieres should be, this is blackcurranty with a little spice and almost opaque in density..oh, and I just realised it’s 14.5%, erk! Not sure I’ll be rushing back for another bottle at £12, but if I’m passing, I would certainly buy again.
Finishing note: Meltdown from youngest child when eldest ate the last Monster Munch, followed by eldest kicking off due to youngest drinking the last of their strawberry milk. Bliss.

As you’ll gather from the title of my blog, Friday nights are made for drinking good wine, no matter where you are, in or out and who you’re with. What’s your perfect friday wine this evening?

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