Flash Recommendation: Sainte Marie, Estate Wine of Jersey, 2010

Jim Bergerac
Jim Bergerac

I’ll be honest here, my only knowledge of Jersey is that it’s near France, full of millionaires, they have cows and it looks pretty (from what I remember from ‘Bergerac‘). Although I don’t remember Jim (Bergerac of course), ever commenting on the local beverages, I can also add, that they can make rather tasty wine too.

The Sainte Marie 2010 is produced by La Mare Wine Estate, a destination, event venue and local produce champion. Looking at their website, there’s little mention of the wine specifics, which is a shame, as this off-dry Seyval Blanc and Orion blend was delightful. Golden in colour and a peachy palate, the creaminess and acidity of this wine stood up proudly to the spiciness of a home-made curry made by a friend of mine, fresh back from her Jersey holiday. This was also perfectly drinkable with just the poppadums and I can also imagine it would be pretty mean with Jersey Oysters.

Bought from Waitrose in Jersey somewhere in the region of £10.85.

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  1. When I read your title, I thought you meant the state, but now that I see you meant the Island, well, that’s something I might be interested in. Do they use the French-American Hybrid because of the humidity?

    1. Sure is the Channel Island, Jersey. I guess that the climate suits Seyval Blanc down to the ground. It’s one of the most popularly grown grapes in England, so I imagine it does just as well down there. As for Orion? I’d need to do more homework 🙂

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