A new year, a new focus…

Perfect Friday WineToday, after 3 years of total brilliance, I gave back the keys to my Perfect Friday Wine ‘warehouse’.

Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t been storing my Perfect Friday Wine in my dining room. It has been kept safe and sound in a licensed warehouse unit, all part of my clunky (and legal) logistics process. Cool in the summer and temperate in the winter, the wine has been stored under lock and key, safely away from me and my corkscrew, awaiting your orders.

Big up to the guys at A4 Self Store for taking in pallet after pallet of wine, bearing with me while I got my licensing up and running (which is a total ball ache), even putting Spongebob on the office TV to entertain children while I’ve tended to ‘just one more’ order. Without A4, my logistics wouldn’t have run half as smoothly.

Sadly though, this does mark the end of the retail side of Perfect Friday Wine. Just the retail bit mind, this is far from the last you’ve heard of me.

2016 was a year exploring how to grow PFW as a retail business, but it transpires that after investigating shops, importing, taking on staff, it’s the face-to-face chatter, writing and online social exchange that I love the most, not the selling.

So, as I turn my attention back to the blog, writing (for PFW and for others) and faffing about with my new love of Instagram, I’d just like to say what an amazing time I’ve had since December 2013. I’ve lugged boxes, frozen my fingers off, talked a lot, tasted, taught, talked some more, driven miles and, the best bit, I’ve met a whole load of fantastic people – many who I now call my friends. Thank you all so much for your ongoing support of me and Perfect Friday Wine, I couldn’t have got here without you, you thirsty lot! 

Now, please excuse me while I duck out for a bit and regroup, I promise I’ll be back asap to entertain you wine-wise, I just won’t be carrying any boxes.

Ciao for now and join me for an Insta-natter in the meantime.

Cheers and happy new year, Jo.

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