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12243190_506457902849339_5420671438298654750_n (1)Hi, welcome to Perfect Friday Wine, by me, Jo.

I’m here to talk wine, food and drinks in Berks, Bucks and Oxon.

I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of sugar content/techy tasting descriptors/in-depth terroir analysis, just enough to help you drink better, at home and out and about.

Inspired by travel to wine regions, and great food and drink, I headed to night school in 2008/9 to study WSET level two and three. I’m in the midst of my level four diploma.

Then, intrigued by the world of digital content and social media, and needing a creative outlet, in 2012 I started blogging and writing about wine. Things got serious for three years when PFW became a wine tasting and online retail business that closed in late 2016.

Now a copywriter by day, when I still have writing juices left, I’ll be blogging, if not on here, the lazy way on Facebook and Instagram.

Feel free to contact me at jo@perfectfridaywine.com.

Perfect Friday Wine encourages responsible drinking!

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  1. Hi Jo, how’s tricks? Thanks for favoriting that tweet of mine 🙂 Life here in the south of France rolls on, harvesting is still with us (about another week to go), weather is still fairly warm, the bloggers’ conference looms (I’m looking forward to it very much). My own blog is slowly taking shape (only four posts so far… need a bit more CONTENT) and it’s amazing to me how long it takes to get anything written. So kudos to you for all your posting! I’ll send you a link to mine when I feel it’s remotely worthy. Sometime before 2014, I hope. Meanwhile, I couldn’t remember if I had sent you a link to the Calmel & Joseph site (the wines we talked about at SITT) – so here it is – http://www.calmel-joseph.com/ – just because I really like their style and graphics, and I’d be curious to know if you do too. All the best, keep in touch, Louise

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