Wines of Turkey (the country, not the bird…that’s to come!)

One of the things that I most liked about doing my WSET wine courses was that I got the opportunity to taste wines that I would never ordinarily drink. It broadened my wine horizons and as we drew to the end of the Advanced course, I became a little sad that my time of trying weird and wonderful wine was coming to an end. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one with this sentiment, and a few of us on the course went on to form Wine Team, a small and informal tasting group that still to this day, 4 years on, meet once a month. Our leader, Mike, does us all a fantastic service, signing up presenters from far and wide to provide a varied and interesting programme of tastings. In the event that he can’t find someone to cover a particular topic that tickles our fancy, we’ll all pull together and present a selection of wines ourselves.

Tonight, we had the pleasure of Edoardo Amadi from Try Wines in Newbury, an old friend of the group, having presented on numerous occasions, as well as being a fellow taster as often as he can. Usually he treats us to some of his big Barolos and crisp Corteses, however, tonight, Italy took a back seat and Turkey was the wine producing country of choice. Continue reading “Wines of Turkey (the country, not the bird…that’s to come!)”

Nyetimber and The Vineyard at Stockcross

IMG_0698My very first interest in learning more about wine started during an English Wine Producers‘ tasting at the Great British Cheese Festival around 10 years ago. The realisation that there could be a future in producing wine made from grapes grown in this country, ignited a real excitement in me that wine had failed to do in the past and it’s what prompted me to apply to complete my WSET courses. A far from romantic affair, run in an old science lab at Bracknell and Wokingham College, both my Intermediate and Advanced courses delivered an anti-climatic one page, 10 minute passing over of wine from England and Wales amongst the intrigue of the rest of the world’s wines.

To distract me further, all thoughts of English wine were then buried under piles of laundry and dirty nappies. Until that is, my interest was reignited in the form of a bottle of Nyetimber Classic Cuvee produced to celebrate my birthday last summer.

Since then, my English wine nerdiness has spiralled, the pinnacle of which saw me presenting an English wine tasting, so, imagine my delight when an invitation to ‘An Evening with Nyetimber‘ came my way! Not just a Nyetimber tasting, but a wine and dinner pairing at the one and only The Vineyard at Stockcross, the 5-star boutique hotel, spa and restaurant between Hungerford and Newbury. Cue much jubilation and clicking of heels (if I could click my heels, but that’s a whole other story) and off I drove into the sunset last Sunday night with the wind in my hair and the promise of a first class dinner and watering . Continue reading “Nyetimber and The Vineyard at Stockcross”

Making me work for my wine

So, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like to over the last couple of weeks, partly due to being extra-specially knackered but also because I’ve cancelled the cleaners so have been doing the housework when I want to be blogging! What this does mean however is that the money that I am saving on the cleaners can be spent on more/ better wine. The opportunity to do so presented itself to me when an old wine associate of mine, Tony Hill, one-half of Bordeaux and Beyond, kindly let me help out on his stand at a local wine fair back in November to give me a taste of the wine trade. Continue reading “Making me work for my wine”